CCTV Surveillance Overview


Photo-Capturing System with Video Recording
View of weighbridge is fully covered by installing two CCTV cameras diagonally opposite on either side of the platform.

• Two digital photographs of vehicle are captured and saved in the system for each weighment.

• CCTV control module could be installed and integrated with LAN to view photographs, recordings and live from different locations. E-transmission of data with photographs also possible.

• Photographs may carry the vehicle number, weight, date and time for verification and checking.

• Each complete vehicle weighment is covered by 4 photographs (2 for gross and 2 for tare weighment).

• From the photographs, the security staff at the gate can verify the identity of vehicle for gross and tare weighment, and proper placement of vehicle on weighbridge..
• Verify identity of vehicles weighed: Eliminate possibility of same vehicle being weighed twice or different vehicles used at time of gross and tare through photographs. Photographs are stored in the system.

• Anti-theft Security Checks: Eliminate possibility of placement of extra weight (like people standing on the platform or the driver sitting in the vehicle/ cart) at the time of weighment.

• Vehicle Positioning through Center of Gravity: Eliminate the possibility of vehicle being partly out of the platform.

• Occurrence of a lighter vehicle being weighed at the time of tare could be checked by comparing photographs of Gross and Tare weighment

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