CCTV Cameras: Capture photo at the split of moment when weight is recorded, Photographic check on each weighment transacted, Video recorded for each transaction captured and saved for 30 or more days.

Smart Cards: Eliminate paper work, Eliminate possibility of malpractices, Manageable by vehicle driver for 24 hours in a day, Reduce manpower cost, Transaction data stored electronically, transferred on computer and stored, Reusable after each complete transaction, Cut operating costs with fully automation.

RFIDs (Radio Tokens): Provide vehicle wise unique Ids, Automates identification and operations along work flow in industry, Reduce documents handling, Enhance efficiency and cut costs, Transparency with computerized system eliminate scope of human error and malpractices. Secure, reliable and cost effective.

Smart Card and RFID Readers, LED and TCP-IP Displays, Controllers, Physical and Virtual Barriers (Center of Gravity), Barcodes, Traffic Lights, Ultrasonic Sensors, Loud Speakers, GPRS & Internet Modems for Emails, SMS and transfer of data, Mobile Office, Kiosk.

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