Smart Weighbridge Overview


Operator-less Weighment is an automated computerized process designed to reduce manpower cost and to have hassle free secure weighment round the clock
Weighbridge Automation has been providing controls for the Operator less weighing operations by installing Weighbridge Surveillance Cameras and Automatic Vehicle Recognition software. No weighbridge operator required and Operator less weighbridge works 24×7 with automatic capturing and e-transmission of data with photographs.

• Traffic lights, on both sides of the platform regulate the vehicle movement on the platform.

• At the weighbridge driver will be guided through audio instructions to position the vehicle in the centre.

• Announcements made for the driver to place smart card on the card reader installed alongside of the weighbridge and to press a button when the weighbridge stabilizes.

• Recording of weight takes place and Driver advised to take away vehicle from the platform. Subsequent announcements made by the system to guide the driver at various stages.

• Same smart card is used by the driver for both gross and tare weighment.
Secure and reliable Weighbridge functions day and night (24×7) without any operator and hiccups.

• Vehicle drivers are guided to follow automatic operations for gross and tare weights under CCTV surveillance.

• No human interaction and no scope for manipulations at any stage. The weighing operations get speeded up.

• E2Weighment data are captured and stored electronically. Data can be integrated with the ERP database in real time.

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