Weighbridge Software

The software programs are designed by an expert team for automated management, recording, and transmission of data for weighbridges’ operations in industries. This software will ensure secure and accurate weighment with tracking of vehicles using combinations of hardware like Smart Cards or RFIDs, Controllers, Displays, Traffic Lights, Photo Capturing and Video Recording, Emails, and SMS, etc…. Software does extensive data extraction, collection, processing, controlling, transmission and integration with the database as per specific need of client’s or industry.

IT team of VISIBLE Infotech will install and customize weighbridge software for one or more weighbridges operations in any industry. The software is supplied, installed, and maintained by the Visible Infotech team in India and Nepal.

These Softwares are based on secured Cloud for 7×24 uninterrupted service throughout the year in any part of the world.

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